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Customer Rides

Just a few of the Straub cammed cars & boats in action. (Right click the pictures to view full size)



AFR235 with a spring change

13.4 compression

SV intake, port match and clean up

1050 e85 dominator.



Hey Chris,
Don't know if you remember me but you spec'd a cam for my 406sbc and my fathers 496bbc. Well we both have picked up ET. His leaves off the footbrake like this with the only change being your cam. Guess you got the torque band right. We've both picked up about .15-.20 in ET and about 2 mph. Mine doesn't do any fancy wheel stands yet.
Chris and Jim Clark 



Another happy Straub customer - ATK built Engine

721HP @ 5600RPM / 713TQ @4400 RPM

Dart Big M Block 4.500" Bore
Manley 4340 4.250" Crank
Manley H Beams 6.385"
KB Forged -10cc Dome Pistons 10.3:1 Compression
AFR 325CC Magnum with CNC Porting 2.300/1.880
Straub Custom Hyd. Roller 
Howards/Morel Hyd Roller Lifters- Race Series
25X/26X @ 50 Mid .600 lift on a 107LSA  (In respect to the cust im not posting full specs)
Howards Aluminum 1.7 Roller Rockers
Edelbrock Air Gap Intake
Quick Fuel 4150 1050CFM Carb
MSD Pro Billet Distributor



Carl Etter's Straub Cammed 1170hp Beast

photo-2.bmp photo-1.bmpphoto-3.bmpboat-engine.bmp


Ed Morels 800HP Straub Cammed Thunderbolt!!!



We haven’t spoken in a while but hopefully you remember taking with me and doing me a custom billet cam, full roller, for a Chrysler smallbock. I was the lone Chrysler guy out of the chevy cams you did for a few of us summit racing guys. I FINALLY got this thing together and dyno’d and I have to say when it comes to your predicted horsepower number of 608, you were off slightly…..by .3 to be exact! The engine made 607.7 at 6700 RPM and held 590’s through 7200. I can’t thank you enough for your spot in prediction! Very impressed with the service you offer and the expertise you gave. Very happy with the cam and I’d buy another in a heartbeat!

Johnny McDivitt



One of the latest Straub Hyd Rollers

Scott is tickled to death with the new hyd roller.
Car is ridiculous on the road. No way to hook it with MT ET Streets.





The New Straub t-shirt nicely modeled by Jon Kaase.



Kjell Adams.

National Jet Boat Association 2008 9.50 Bracket Hi Points Champion
National Jet Boat Association 2010 8.00 Pro Eliminator Hi Points Champion
National Jet Boat Association 2010 Super Eliminator Hi Points Champion
National Jet Boat Association 2012 Unblown Fuel Jet Hi Points Champion
National Jet Boat Association 2012 8.00 Pro Eliminator Hi Points Runner Up
Lucas Oil Drag Boat Racing Series 2012 6.00  1000’ Quick Eliminator World Champion



Patricia Nassimbene and her Straub cam'd '72 Monte Carlo



Gary Watson Racing with Straub Cam Power
Louisiana State Championship in 2005
ASCS Gulf South Championship in 2006
3rd in ASCS Gulf South just 20 points out of the lead in 2007 and 2008



The two Straub cammed Crazy Davey Racing Chevelles
First and Second in 2011 PSCA Street Muscle
Third and forth in 2011 PSCA Bracket 1



This 509 built by Scott Foxwell and hydraulic roller cam'd by Chris made 764 hp @ 6100 and 732 lb. ft. @ 4900 rpm!!
So far.... it's run 9.54 @ 139!!!



Jon Rutledge’s BBC 540 Straub Powered Monte Carlo



Scott Vargo’s Blown SBC with Straub Induction Package




Joe Martorana Massaged 502 by Straub Technologies.
Street car that runs south of 10.70's.                                                                           Straub Hyd roller.....

photo.jpg img-0939.jpghydrollerrpm.jpg



Brian Dotson’s 427 BBC Straub Cam Power



Mark Andersons 419 Formula Fastech - Straub 540 NA Marine Engine Kits 640HP/670#/ft at 5500 RPM x 3




This 10.5 to 1 496 with a Straub solid roller moves Brian Goodings
1966 Chevelle street car down the road at 9.87ET @ 134.7MPH





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