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Custom Camshafts

If there is a heart in an engine it's the camshaft.  It doesn't matter what compression you have, how big (or small) the heads are, what size valves, intake or fuel delivery, if you don't have the right cam to pull it all together you're leaving a lot on the table.  Chris Straub the founder of Straub Technologies has spent the last 18 years perfecting the art of cam design...translation..."The Combination"!!

Sometimes a racer must deal with what he has, not to worry, even if some of the parts are not ideal a Straub Technologies Cam can make them work, it's all in  the cam.  Every cam is a true custom design built specifically for each individual customer and combination.  We look at car weight, engine size,  heads, compression, transmission, converter (if applicable), gear, tires, and most of all intended use.  These are things you will not get from a one size fits all off the shelf cam.  Whether it's for hydraulic or solid lifters Chris can design a cam that will breathe new life into any new or existing combination.

All cams are made from billet cores and feature options like Everwear distributor gears.  Call us today for a free consultation, it's step one to the best dollar you can spend on your engine....

For more about Chris' story click here.

To talk to Chris please call 423 391-7774, or email at cstraub@straubtechnologies.com




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