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Custom Cams


Camshafts started out as a fascination with Chris while working for Embry Herrick at Herrick’s Machine and Performance in Simpsonville, KY. Once Chris decided to go to college his fascination for cams continued and he studied what he could about pump dynamics and the workings of the internal combustion engine. Once out of school Chris landed in the performance industry and his fascination evolved into a hobby helping his engine builder customers with camshaft selection. At this point success came early and more and more customers were calling for camshafts.

Chris’s “recipe” for making power can be summed up in one word. . .Combination. Each and every engine build is a selection of parts that need to work in unison to make power. Proper selection of these parts matched to the right camshaft makes for a winning COMBINATION.

Eighteen years have gone by since Chris sold his first camshaft. With the world wide web launched, Chris started posting on performance forums giving advice. Board members then started contacting Chris for camshafts and related components. The once “Hobby” is now still Chris’s most enjoyable aspect of Straub Tech. Chris’s camshaft are in USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Austria, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Italy, France, United Kingdom, UAI

Straub Technologies will work with individuals, engine builders, or companies in designing the right camshaft for the combination. Each cam is based on the goals of the customer. Chris Straub will work one on one with you to optimize the package and get you the power that you need.

For custom cams please call us at 423 391-7774, or email at cstraub@straubtechnologies.com

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