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Coatings by The Power Coaters



     The Power Coaters is a new name for a company with a long history of performance coating. What began as a small shop serving the solid thin-film lubrication and thermal barrier needs of high end engine builders and performance warehouse distributors has grown into a company serving some of the performance industry’s biggest names. Our specialty is performance thermal and high pressure lubrication piston coating, micro-thin film bearing coating, oil shedding coatings, and thermal and lubrication coating of many other internal engines parts. If you desire significantly reduced friction, longer component life, faster break-in, the reduction of friction generated parasitic horsepower loss, heat dispersion, and the improved performance thermal coatings can add to performance engines, we are the experts. Our clients turn to us for precision coatings of bearings, pistons, valve springs, valves, gears, combustion chambers, intake manifolds and more.
Our experience is not limited to internal engine performance. Any where high pressure solid lubricant thin films, ceramic coating, industrial metal coating, PTFE (the generic name for the product Dupont calls Teflon), polymer coating, and thermal barrier coatings and protection are needed we can help. Our industrial experience includes cutting instruments, food service, marine performance, and the application of aerospace and Mil-Spec specialty coatings.


     The Power Coaters recognizes that we are coating high precision parts where dimensional specifications are exacting. This knowledge impacts how we process your parts; from the care with which we handle your parts to the coatings we select and use. Many other coating companies use high build coatings that have a film thickness that can negatively affect product clearances. The Power Coaters has sought out and developed materials and process that provide superior protection and performance while adding minimal dimensional change. Your precision made parts are still precise when they leave our facility.

     The Power Coaters has spent years testing and developing coating and application techniques. We have worked with labs in the US and Europe testing coating products to find the best possible coating solutions. Many of our coatings have been tested and approved for the U.S. military and aerospace use. We have many coatings that are FDA acceptable for food service use.
We have learned over the years that all of the materials in our coatings are critical. For instance, in bearing coating, applying lubrication with a very low co-efficient of friction is the primary concern. Yet at The Power Coaters we take equal pain to make sure the binders that hold the lubricant can stand up to high operating pressures and high temperatures all while adding very little to the bearing’s dimensions. It is this attention to our coating materials that helps us deliver the very best in performance coating.

     Properly applying performance and ceramic coatings is not just about the material. Attention to detail in applying specialty coatings and finishing the product is vital to delivering quality products. The Power Coaters uses cellular work flow stations to assure that all processes are meticulously followed. Media and materials are precisely monitored to prevent cross contamination. Product temperature and humidity are controlled to assure properly material bonding. Every part goes through at least 14 processes and steps, including six points at which the product is inspected, before its gets a The Power Coaters label. This attention to detail is critical to ensure that you get products without delaminating, pitting and other surface conditions that have been reported with other products.
    We have developed two final processes that are unique and extremely beneficial to our customers. After our parts are coated and cured, many are processed through a two step finishing area. These steps accomplish two critical things not offered by most other coaters. First, after curing we mechanically burnish the surface for maximum performance. This mechanical process is more consistent and precise than hand burnishing used by other coaters. Secondly, we use proprietary processes we created using aqueous and mechanical devices to test the coating for proper application and adhesion. Many other coaters omit this step. We feel it is one of the most critical we provide. This test assures you a product that is has superior adhesion and will not delaminate under high pressure operating climates. When we ship your part, we can assure you of its quality and performance!

    The Power Coaters is ready to serve your needs when it comes to coated product.  Please feel free to contact us with your project, big or small, and we will work with you to accomplish your goal.

The Power Coaters
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