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Bulk Products


   Bulk Products  

Straub Technologies is the source for a wide range of bulk product for the performance industry. Our sourcing includes items already produced to propriotay items for your company. The following product categories are available:


AN Fittings
AN Wrenches

Battery Boxes
Braided Line
Bolts and Fastners
Bronze Distributor Gears

Cam lock plates
Cam Buttons
Carb Parts

Degree Bushings

Guide Plates

Ignition Parts, Modules/Caps

Lifters, OEM
Lifters, Aftermarket Roller

Oil Pans
Oil Restrictors
Oil Pump Primers

Poly Locks

Retainers, Steel and Ti
Rocker Arm Balls and Nuts
Rocker Arm Studs

Spark Plug Wires
Stud Girdles

Timing Covers
Timing Pointers, Billet

Valve Locks, 7, Super 7, 10 degree
Valve Springs

Wheel Studs
Wheel Screws